Urban Landscape, or Noah's Memorial House

I created a large scale multi-media installation that will serve as a 21st century homage to Noah, who saved the world. Using found objects and painted cardboard, I built a structure that represents a hybrid of the Ark and a modern-day dumpster—both of which have a similar shape. It contains elements of both forms such as wooden oars and signs and numbers typical of garbage containers. Also, I replicated the texture of each object using acrylic paint.

Wherever one resides on the planet, there is a communication that occurs between the individual and the environment. People are bombarded daily with images of architecture, store fronts, street signs, cars, buses, and other moving figures dressed in typical attire. These stimuli transmit information to the passerby about the culture, history, population, and social life of the area. The resulting eight urban landscapes will be placed in a circular fashion around the space in this inner gallery, thereby creating a global vision of our world as it exists today.

As with all of my contemporary art, Noah Memorial House will reflect the following principles: imagination, and symbolism. The goal of this project is to stimulate the asking of some heavy questions. How has the earth’s landscape changed since the time of Noah? What has happened to the animal kingdom? What do we collect and what do we discard in the 21st century? Are we trashing the planet?

Most importantly, in this crucial time in our history, who will save the world that Noah saved?

Sculpture, cardboard, found objects
11 x 10 x 7 feet