Invisible Shape

I propose to create Invisible Shape, conceptually and structurally based on green principles these site-specific installations that will span various Mexico City public spaces. Transforming waste into an art form while engaging communities in the creative process.

Our world evolves as a result of globalization, which is largely aided by technological advancements. However, globalization and technology have had negative effects on many aspects of human life, including harming the environment through air, water, heat, and noise pollution. As a post-modern conceptual artist, I always look for symbols to connect my art with the contemporary world. With Invisible Shape, I am focusing on plastic waste. I am interested in how pollution begins with a relatively invisible, or seemingly innocuous, object that is disposed of in our cities. Because many environmental issues can be connected to the industry, I am using this as a starting point for addressing the detrimental effects of environmental pollution. By transforming small, discarded plastic items into site-specific installations and connecting them with the landscape.